About Us

FreshByte is a customer service organization specializing in software for the Wholesale Distribution industry. We provide an inventory and accounting management system built to increase gross profits and minimize costs for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. With real-time inventory control, instant profitability, lot traceability, and a complete general ledger, FreshByte provides the best management tools to significantly improve all aspects of your business.

FreshByte was created with our customers’ needs in mind. We will keep abreast of all new technology and requirements to ensure our customers have the competitive advantage.


Our Mission

FreshByte's goal is to make your customers happy. Our desire is that your success trickles down to your clients. We win when our clients win.


Our History

We found a Solution!

FreshByte was established to provide comprehensive software solutions for the wholesale food distribution industry. There are thousands of users in the produce, meat, fish, grocery, cheese, baked goods, and beverage industries throughout the US and Canada who rely on the rapid performance and accurate information that FreshByte provides.

FreshByte moved into its new corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas. All management and administrative functions, software programming/development, and call-in support are performed from this location.

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