George from VegiWorks, Inc.

"FreshByte Software proved truth-in-advertising. After nearly a year of researching and of using Fresh Byte Software, I can confirm it to be user friendly and fully functional in Inventory Control, Accounting, Traceability and Logistics.

FreshByte Software's staff was readily available 24/7 throughout all phases to include sales, implementation, and support.

FreshByte Software continues to work with us regularly to identify and resolve problems and to customize features unique to our business needs.

FreshByte Software's statement "to satisfy their customers' customers" can be a realization here since product is inventoried by Lot number enabling FIFO while ensuring product quality and since product is inventoried in real time allowing our CSR's to inform customers about product availability or suitable substitutions. Equally important is Fresh Byte Software's Traceability feature that allows us to comply with PTI, USDA and other regulatory agency standards. Fresh Byte Software provides tracking of new product lines, targeting of new profit centers, and monitoring of extended service areas.

We stand firm in our conviction that Fresh Byte Software is the best program for our wholesale distribution business and we look forward to our partnership with Fresh Byte Software into the foreseeable future. We adamantly recommend Fresh Byte Software."

Marcos from Transnational Food, Inc.

“Flexible reliable. Friendly system. SAP Oracle you don’t need too much functionality those are too complicated. Allows you to focus on the operation and not worry about the system.”

Dina from World’s Best Cheeses

“FreshByte Software has been an integral part of our company success since the year 2006.  The staff at Fresh Byte has been there every step of the way in our growth. They have worked closely with our team in customizing the program to fit our needs.  We would recommend them highly to any company considering not only an excellent software program, but also the friendly, courteous and helpful staff!  ”

Richard from Nicho Produce Company

“I love this software. I still say that at least once a month or so, even after 6 years.The software is always evolving and updating takes one minute on average. Use of colors and inquiries make getting information quick and easy. Response time to questions is quick including updating in the next upgrade if necessary."

Aaron from Red Tomato

“It’s the best produce specific software that we have found."

Cherry Capital Foods

  1. Cherry Capital could have chosen any other software solution. Why did Cherry Capital choose to return to FreshByte Software? When considering options when the solution we moved to fell short, the message from our people was that Fresh Byte could do everything they needed.  We vetted what had been perceived gaps with Fresh Byte and were comfortable that they were not gaps.  At that point the choice was clear.  
  2. How has FreshByte Software added efficiency to your operations? Every function requires significantly less system time with Fresh Byte. The information required to do the job every day is readily available at your fingertips.  The solution is designed by a company that knows what’s required for food distributors and how to deliver it efficiently. 
  3. Do you feel that FreshByte Software will provide you with a competitive advantage? If yes, how? We have a strategy commitment to growing our ecommerce presence.  With the integration of Fresh Store, we’re already a step closer to competitive advantage in B2B.  Our next project is to build a shopify site for our B2C business.  With a fully integrated solution in place, we will have a competitive advantage in wild, forage, specialty and local.    
  4. What are the most useful features within FreshByte Software that have added value to your operations? The Inventory Comparison Monitor, Inventory Pricing Monitor and Sales Analysis Report are powerful tools that put a lot of information in one place.  These tools empower our people to focus on value added analysis and problem solving. 
  5. What defines great customer service to you and does FreshByte Software provide you with this experience?

           Great customer service is built on three fundamental pillars:

            The confidence that you are important to your vendor.

            The vendors ability to support, train and customize the solution to your needs.

            The vendors ability to provide industry specific advice and coaching. 

            FreshByte does all of these things very well.