Frequently Asked Questions

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What does FreshByte Software cost?+

FreshByte Software costs less than you might expect because our prices are not based on the number of computers in a company, but rather on the number of concurrent users – the maximum number of users that will use the program at any one time.

For example; a smaller distribution company may only have five users that need to work on the FreshByte Software at any one time, even though it has to be installed on 10 computers. In this case, all that would be needed is five-user license. Conversely, a larger company with FreshByte Software installed on 100 computers may never have more than 60 users working on the software at any one time, in which case they only need to purchase a 60-user license.

After FreshByte Software has been installed, additional users can be added at any time as the company grows. We do not require that additional user licenses be purchased in multiples and if only one additional user is needed.

What makes FreshByte Software different from every other wholesale produce, meat, seafood and grocery distribution accounting software available on the market?+

Unlike many competitors, FreshByte Software has been coded from inception for the wholesale food distribution industry specifically. Accordingly, whether you buy and sell produce, meat, seafood or grocery items, FreshByte Software will help increase your profits and efficiency, because it will allows your company to:

  • Track inventory to-and-from each originating vendor and end-user, thus ensuring your compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and FDA's Bioterrorism Act of 2002.
  • Purchase and sell any inventory item by multi-units of measure and by catch-weight if needed.
  • Apply multiple costs to an inventory item, even after the product has been sold, and to then have the system instantly modify the cost-of-goods sold and sales analysis.
  • Manage and control physical inventory.
  • Repack inventory into different items or units-of-measure, if required.
  • Sell each inventory item at a different price per customer, per unit-of-measure.
  • Provide full truck-routing and driver's manifest capabilities.
  • Quickly and easily manage the system, since there are no day-end or month-end routines.
  • Review your company's accounting position at any time, without the use of a CPA.
  • Receive and be able to review on-line Internet sales with no re-keying necessary – by using the FreshNet module.
  • Have sales people take sales orders from remote locations using PDAs or laptop computers
  • Use handheld PDAs to directly interface with FreshByte Software – a benefit that enables your staff to perform a variety of tasks, including (1) take physical inventory in the warehouse and (2) track inventory that is packed and delivered from a regular or mobile warehouse.

Can FreshByte Software handle my foreign exchange accounting needs?+

Yes, the FreshByte Software wholesale food distribution accounting program is truly global. More and more, we see clients from every part of the industry – produce, meat, seafood and grocery – purchasing inventory from vendors outside the US. They need the ability to track and record exchange profits and losses accurately and separately from regular profits and losses. With today's borderless economies, profits and losses cannot be ignored, so our modules cover forex demands.

Is FreshByte accounting software compatible with Windows 8 & 10?+

Yes. FreshByte Software is a Windows-based inventory control, sales, accounting and costing system that was coded specifically for the wholesale produce, fish, meat and grocery distribution industries. We are Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP-certified – not an easy feat.

What is a SQL database?+

The FreshByte Software system is effectively a highly capable database system. We use the Microsoft SQL database for our software because it is one of the fastest, most reliable and most secure database utilities available. "SQL Server" is already used and proven by virtually every Fortune 100 company in the US. It gives us (and therefore you) high performance and superb uptime.

When we purchase FreshByte Software, will our employees be able to learn how to use it? How much will the training cost?+

FreshByte Software believes that professional training is essential to the successful operation of a new software package. So on-site training is part of our package price, not an optional extra. Our staff can train even the most computer-resistant employee to use FreshByte Software. On a regular basis, we work with wholesale food distribution clients whose employees have had little, if any, computer experience. We are patient and skilled at teaching anyone how to use FreshByte Software.

How long will it take to install and train our staff?+

Depending on the size of the organization and its needs, the typical wholesale food distribution client is trained and up and running on FreshByte Software within six to eight weeks of their approval to proceed with the project.

How secure is our investment with FreshByte Software?+

Your investment in FreshByte Software is secure. We're here to stay. We have a history of providing specialty accounting software to the wholesale food distribution industry going back to 1980. We constantly remain ahead of the technology curve and have clients throughout the US and Canada.

In addition, unlike some other accounting software companies who integrate third-party software programs into their product, we coded and therefore own the rights to every element of our products. We own FreshByte Software completely, so you will never lose your right to operate our accounting software because some other software company you never heard of suddenly goes out of business.

Do FreshByte Software accounting and management solutions meet traceability requirements?+

Yes. Our wholesale food accounting software meets all PTI and FDA Bioterrorism Act requirements and standards. FreshByte Software is so precise that it can instantly track a single inventory item from the originating vendor to all end-user customers and back again – even through a manufacturing process.

Are you prepared to do custom programming for my operation?+

If requested we will gladly customize FreshByte Software to meet your specific needs. When we do, we guarantee that every future upgrade of our package will contain all of your previous modifications, so you will never have to pay for them twice.

How does FreshByte Software handle upgrades?+

As part of our monthly maintenance agreement, we provide regular program updates and new program features. These can easily be downloaded and installed by you directly from our website.

Do FreshByte Software solutions work with bar code scanners?+

FreshByte Software works with a number of add-on program modules that work on PDAs with bar code scanning capabilities, and these include routines that:

  • Allow physical inventory counts to be taken quickly and accurately.
  • Verify that the correct products and quantities are picked against shipping orders.
  • Allow orders to be taken at remote customer locations.
  • Verify deliveries made to customers and capture customer receiving signatures.
  • Can track inventory and sales made from traveling warehouses (trucks).

Does FreshByte Software provide customer support?+

Yes. FreshByte Software provides live, accessible and speedy support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7/365) from our home offices in Houston – not overseas. You will never be subjected to an automated attendant system. We make this commitment to you: if a member of your staff calls FreshByte Software for assistance, he or she will speak immediately and directly to a knowledgeable member of our on-site support staff.

Can FreshByte Software provide references from satisfied clients+

Yes. We would be happy to.