Fresh DSD

Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery

DSD includes Live Sales (LvS), Physical Inventory (PI), Issuing Credits, and Mobile Printing. These features will enable you to maintain inventory, take orders, & print documents from every truck in your fleet.

Fresh DSD (Direct Store Delivery) is an optional add-on module that will enable you maintain inventory on every truck in your fleet, and to then be able to take orders and make sales directly from each one. It is another FreshByte Software profitability-maximizing tool that can be used to increase sales by having immediate deliveries to, and face-to-face contact with your customers.

With Fresh DSD, each of your trucks becomes a rolling warehouse from which inventory can be tracked, received and sold. Since inventory is maintained and stored on each truck, each order can be placed, filled and finalized by the driver. On a regular basis, inventory is sent to or loaded onto each truck. At that time, FreshByte Software deducts the loaded product from the relevant warehouse's inventory and adds it to the specific truck's inventory. Then, at the customer location, the driver/salesperson determines what products, in what quantities are required by the customer, and then pulls these from the inventory on his/her truck. An invoice can then be immediately printed from the truck and the products handed over to the customer.  

Fresh DSD can electronically transfer the orders to FreshByte Software and all of the necessary accounting modules can be updated. Using FreshByte Software, a physical inventory count can and should be performed on the truck inventory on a regular basis, and the results can then be validated against the physical inventory on-hand per FreshByte Software.