FreshByte Software

Efficiency. Traceability. Profitability.

FreshByte Software will:

 Maximize Efficiency.

  • Cost Tracking all your product costs accurately in real time - even those that change between the time of order creation and order settlement
  • Allocate costs across multiple products, within multiple purchase orders - even if some or all of the products have already been sold
  • Easily manage and control rapid turnover inventory, including repacked/reprocessed inventory, finished-goods and supplies inventory
  • Increase employee efficiency and minimize costs by utilizing our modules to reduce product waste, increase productivity, therefore increasing sales.
  • Provide managers with the timely, accurate information needed to successfully operate a food distribution company in today’s economic climate

Ensure Traceability. We instantly provide traceability regarding each and every vendor and end-user, for every inventory item purchased, processed and/or sold.

Our software is fully compliant with all of the government traceability requirements, as well as those of the meat, fish, produce, and grocery agencies.

Increase Profitability. FreshByte Software includes modules and programs that are unavailable in other software packages, including those that control and enhance your bottom line.

  • Virtually guarantees 2-3% increase in gross margins
  • Retain customers, with superbly efficient management information tools, to better manage customer relationships
  • Reduces product write-off
  • Improves employee utilization and efficiency
  • Eliminates day-end and month-end tasks by being fully date-sensitive


IT friendly – IT Smart. Thanks to our hands-on training, FreshByte Software is easy to learn; easy to use and customizable to your business and specific needs. FreshByte Software offers complete training in the use of your programs, included in the purchase price. We are there for you every step of the implementation process and will continue to support you thereafter.


We support every element of the sale with attentive and prompt customer service – practical 25/8/366 support long after your FreshByte Software program has been installed.


We continuously upgrade and enhance our software. Any programs previously customized on your behalf will always be included in every new release. Additionally, whenever another client customizes a program you will instantly receive their upgrade.


Microsoft-approved. FreshByte Software uses Microsoft's SQL database – the most widely used and secure database in the marketplace. FreshByte Software is an authorized product specially designed for all Windows platforms, including Windows 8 and 10.

Hand-Held Devices. Our hand-held applications are compatible with Android, IOS or Windows environments.


FreshByte Software complies with all Government Agency Traceability requirements, including the FDA's Bioterrorism Act. It is therefore able to track an inventory item from the originating vendor to all of the end-user customers and back again, even through a manufacturing process. FreshByte Software represents crystal-clear solution engineering and coding responsibility.