Professional Performance Across the Board

Trevor Morris (CEO)


Trevor Morris

Chief Executive Officer

Trevor graduated from the University of Houston where he earned a B.S. in Psychology. Prior to joining the company, he worked as a Camp Director at Gordon Ranch. Trevor became a member of the  team in March of 2004 and through hard work and dedication was promoted to CEO.

As the company’s leader, he has been able to increase staff, market penetration, expand product lines, and branch into new service areas. Trevor’s vision is for FreshByte Software to continue to be the preeminent software for wholesale distributors by achieving one simple task:  making their customer’s customers happy.

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Charles Butler (EVP)

Charles Butler

Charles Butler

Executive Vice President

Charles attended the University of Texas, and studied Economics. Before joining the company, Charles was the Communications and Information Technology Director for the largest Catholic Church in Galveston-Houston and Director of Industry Relations, Health and Safety at

While at FreshByte, Charles has knocked down walls at every turn. He has been a driving force behind many of the company’s successful years and continued growth to this day.

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Beth Jackson (EVP)

Beth Jackson

Beth Jackson

Executive Vice President

Beth attended Boston College, receiving a BS with a concentration in Finance. Formerly a client as comptroller of a specialty food company, Beth brought her extensive knowledge of wholesale food distribution, manufacturing processes and accounting principles with her when she joined the team in 2007.

As corporate controller of FreshByte Software, Beth undertakes the business analysis, training, and support for new and existing clients across the US.

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Lois Carlisle (DOO)

Lois Carlisle

Lois Carlisle

Director of Operations

Lois oversees the Customer Support department as well as a number of other areas at FreshByte Software. She has 24 years of experience in the food industry.  Before joining the FreshByte Software team, Lois was a client and user of the software for 5.5 years.

Lois' number one priority is to raise the bar of our customer support by providing additional support to clients.