Fresh Portal

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Take your business mobile with Fresh Portal!

Fresh Portal enables your customers to place orders 24 hours a day, through your personalized website  or app. These orders are immediately synced with FreshByte Software.


Fresh Portal features:

  • Online payments are accepted.
  • Customer order guides can be created.
  • Reporting metrics are available through Google Analytics.
  • The shopping cart saves product selected by the customer. Once the customer is ready to place an order, it is submitted to you automatically and immediately. 
  • Ability to receive item usage history, price lists and customer statements.
  • Order History allows your customers to see expected orders, new orders, orders in process, and shipped and billed invoices and scanned images.
  • Quick Order entry is available.
  • Singular search for Customer ID and Item is available.
  • Corporate login is available to view location ordering.
  • Multi-Language is available. Languages can be set to Spanish or French.
  • Customized theming is available for website.

Watch the video for a glimpse of Fresh Store!