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Check Out the Benefits of FreshByte’s Fresh Portal Add-On

October 20, 2020 by FreshByte Software

Here at FreshByte, we offer comprehensive distribution solutions geared towards helping enterprises of all sizes benefit from streamlined business model from inception and creation to distribution and rapid inventory control and beyond. Our purchasing software makes it easy keep track of customer’s preferences, manage orders, financial statements and much more on your end.

However, growth in technology has changed the way the B2B and B2C worlds work. That is why we are also staying innovative with our software solutions. We strive to allow you to do business the way you want, when you want and from wherever you want.

To survive in today’s business scene, it’s all about making the point of purchase scenario easier on customers with a streamlined platform that works with them when throughout the entire process from ordering to delivery and inventory options. Giving customers what they are looking for and need not only encourages them to buy now, but this consideration is likely to retain their business and gain referrals.

And that’s where FreshByte’s Fresh Portal add-on comes into the scene so that you can take your business mobile with one simple solution. Fresh Portal keeps ordering open to customers 24/7 via your personalized app or website. Synchronization is immediate between orders and the FreshByte Software. Here are a few highlights of what the Fresh Portal offers your business.

Features of the FreshByte Fresh Portal Ad-OnFresh Byte Fresh Portal icon 150x150

Online Payment Acceptance: With the availability to purchase online 24/7, of course customers need the option to pay. Fresh Portal easily accepts payments online.

Google Analytics Reporting: See your metrics through Google Analytics during optimization campaigns any time to find out how your site is found, which pages and links are most clicked and identify visitor segmentation and fine tune your website.

Quick Order Entry: Fresh Portal allows customers to quickly see regular orders placed with autofill product information settings as a default if desired.

Easy Item Searches: Entering a customer ID allows for singular searches for items and states availability.

Custom Themes and Guides: In addition to creating a customized website theme, users can create their own customer guides laying out the ordering process on their site.

Shopping Cart Perks: This add-on portal can automatically save customer’s selections so that they are still in the cart when they are ready to continue or complete an order. When customers complete a purchase, the parties in processing receive orders immediately automatically.

Order History Functions: Customers can see orders in process, what’s on the way, newly placed orders, invoices and even scanned images with Fresh Portal.

Inventory Control: Customers can see exactly how many of each item they’ve used, how they are priced and view customer statements with a few clicks in the portal.

Corporate Login: Corporate can see exactly where their order is at which allows for seamless offline and online transitions, even as items move from shipping zones into their storage locations.

Language Options: Currently, users can set Fresh Portal to English, French or Spanish.

Streamline Operations and Internal Controls with FreshBytes

Whether you manufacture, process and distribute your own products or import them, using FreshByte Software and in unison with our convenient add-on apps streamlines your operations. Internal Controls guarantee an accurate profitability accounting and product traceability in real time. Enjoy 24/7 support in addition to other perks such as training and online webinars included with your package. Contact us today to learn more about our software business solutions at Fresh Byte Software.

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