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Food Trends for 2024

December 19, 2023 by FreshByte Software

December might be the best time of the year for food lovers with holiday meals and festive get-togethers. It’s also the time of the year when the food industry dusts off its crystal balls and looks towards the food trends for the coming year.

“Keeping up with global food trends can be a little dizzying these days. The internet has ushered in an era of fads that burn hot and fast, showing up everywhere before disappearing completely. Sometimes, they start on TikTok, making it to Instagram and Reddit within days or weeks. If they show promise or seem to have staying power, restaurants and grocery stores may decide to jump in to cater to consumers,” explains DoorDash for Merchants.

There is no shortage of prognosticators with industry experts weighing in on the food trends for 2024 including:

Of course, like most predictions, you can take 2024 food trends with a grain of sea salt, or as the Food Network’s culinary editor Emily Saladino says “Like anything you read on the internet, trend predictions can be based on data analyses and dedicated reporting, or the whims of someone with spare time and a reliable Wi-Fi signal.”

5 Food Trends Coming to Your Table in 2024

Based on predictions from major publications and industry experts, here's a sneak peek at what's hot (and delicious) on the horizon:

  • Global Flavors Take Center Stage
    • Spice it Up with Tangy Tamarind: Get ready for a pucker-up sensation! McCormick's has crowned tamarind its 2024 Flavor of the Year, predicting a surge in its use in savory dishes, desserts, and even beverages. Embrace the sweet tartness of this tropical fruit in everything from Thai curries to Mexican candy.

    • Citrus Explosion: From the zesty tang of calamansi and tkemali (a Georgian plum sauce) to the refreshing crunch of cucamelons, citrusy notes are poised to dominate menus. Think vibrant salads, tangy marinades, and bubbly cocktails bursting with sunshine flavors.

    •  Global Mashups: Culinary borders are blurring, with chefs drawing inspiration from diverse cultures to create innovative fusion dishes. Expect to see Korean BBQ tacos, Japanese-inspired pizzas, and Caribbean-infused ramen gracing restaurant menus.

  • Plant-Based Powerhouse
    • Veggie Tales: While plant-based alternatives continue to rise, 2024 might see a shift towards celebrating whole vegetables themselves. Think roasted cauliflower steaks, grilled portobello mushrooms as burger patties, and spiralized zucchini noodles taking center stage.

    • Beyond Meat 2.0: Expect more sophisticated and innovative plant-based creations, like seafood alternatives made from algae or fungi, and 3D-printed meat options. Get ready to expand your definition of "meatless" and explore new textures and flavors.
  • Comfort Food with a Twist
    • French Pastries Get a Makeover: Classic French desserts are receiving a modern twist, with bakers experimenting with unexpected flavors and textures. Think kouign amann ice cream sandwiches, upside-down puff pastries, and croissant doughnuts.

    • Saddle Up for More Ranch: Move over, ketchup! Ranch dressing is poised for a comeback, not just as a dip, but as a flavoring agent in everything from pizzas and pastas to dips and snacks. Prepare for a creamy, tangy wave to wash over the culinary scene.
  • Technology Takes a Bite
    • Bot Chefs Rise: From automated pizza assembly lines to AI-powered recipe generators, technology is increasingly shaping the culinary landscape. Expect to see more restaurants embrace robots for tasks like food preparation and delivery.

    • Hyper-personalization: Food customization will reach new heights, with apps and services allowing you to tailor your meals to your specific dietary needs and preferences. Imagine ordering a pizza with toppings chosen by an AI based on your past orders and health data.
  • Sustainability Reigns Supreme
    • Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing food waste will be a major focus, with restaurants and consumers implementing creative solutions like upcycling scraps, composting, and supporting local, sustainable farms.

    • Ethical Sourcing: Consumers will be increasingly mindful of the ethical implications of their food choices, demanding transparency and fair treatment for farmers, animals, and the environment.

2024 Food Trends from TikTok to Online Ordering to the Grocery Store

One of the most comprehensive 2024 food trend articles is courtesy of DoorDash Merchant which breaks upcoming trends into several categories:

  • Global Food Trends
    • Oyster mushrooms as a meat replacement.
    • Square pizzas.
    • Pickles.
    • Tinned fish.
    • Chimichurri.
    • Bowls.
    • Aburi sushi.
    • Gluten-free options.
    • Small menus.
  • Grocery Trends
    • Plant-based cheese and yogurt.
    • Frozen, bake-at-home pastries.
    • Leveled-up frozen meals.
    • Gluten-free options.
  • TikTok Food Trends
    • Chopped sandwiches.
    • Cottage cheese.
    • Pasta salad summer.
  • Online Ordering Trends
    • In the US, 80 percent of diners are ordering online the same amount or more than last year.
    • 34 percent of consumers in the US used a third-party app to browse for restaurant ideas in 2023, which is 10 percent higher than last year.
    • US consumers love food delivery even more than dining in or getting takeout. In the past month, 77 percent of consumers reported ordering delivery, 76 percent reported picking up takeout, and 61 percent reported dining at a restaurant.

“Things are always changing in the restaurant industry — and food trends can come and go in what feels like minutes,” concludes DoorDash Merchant. “But when a trend really sticks around, it’s worth paying attention to.”

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