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March 30, 2020 by FreshByte Software

Houston, TX – [March 30, 2020]FreshByte Software's COO, Charles Butler, is nominated for the Houston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Award. This nomination is for the 2020 round of the annual award for leaders in the community.

Charles is the epitome of leadership. “Being a leader is something that you have to display daily.   Something my father taught me at a very young age, and I still carry with me today – “All you have to take with you in life is your integrity and reputation.”- Charles Butler

Charles joined the FreshByte Software team in 2005 as VP of Sales and has since been promoted to EVP/COO. No task is too difficult for Charles. His goal is to make the impossible, possible for FreshByte Software clients. Due to Charles’ tenacity and determination, FreshByte Software has excelled over the years, even in the darkest times. Charles’ hard work and dedication has inspired his employees to strive to achieve better and not hesitate to push the envelope.

The biggest accomplishment of Charles’ is his family.  He has three beautiful children and a wife. He has fostered a great relationship with his kids and is highly involved in every aspect of their lives whether it be helping with a school project or going to their school functions.

Charles’ 40 Under 40 Nomination is well deserved.

40 Under 40 Nominations

HBJ has nominated the best and brightest young professionals for HBJ’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2020. The nominees contribute to their industry and community. (Houston Business Journal).

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