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New Food Trends for the Holidays

Nov 16, 2022 9:51:00 AM / by FreshByte Software

The centerpiece of many holiday get-togethers is the food shared by family and friends.

Over the years what has been laid out on these merry holiday tables has changed with the prevailing food trends from the Depression Era stable Jell-O salad in the 1930s to innovative use of Spam in the World War II era to the “far out” fondue pots of melted cheese in the 1970s to recent opposites of bacon-in-every-dish to kale salads.

“Incorporating the latest trends adds a unique take to traditional dishes and surprise elements for a dinner party filled with delicious holiday food,” says the Roland Holiday Food Guide 2022. “Unsurprisingly, this year’s food trends are sticking around for the holidays and becoming an integral part of the festivities.”

From Apps to Desserts: 2022 Holiday Food Trends

Here are some of the 2022 food trends you might see at your next holiday party:

  • Hot Takes on the Hot Chocolate: Warming yourself up by the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate is a tradition for many. This year, that hot chocolate could taste a bit different with versions that include mushrooms and bone broth as well as caffeinated hot chocolate!


  • Popcorn Flavor Mashups: When the family sits down to snack while watching “Love Actually” or “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Die Hard” (Yes, it’s a Christmas movie!) this holiday season, a trend will be popcorn with a twist. Sweet and savory mix-ins will make it fun for all with gourmet popcorn options now including:


o   Sriracha

o   Buffalo Chicken Wings Sauce

o   Ranch

o   Truffle Butter

o   Bacon (everything's better with bacon on it!)

o   Chocolate

There is even a Ruby Red Grapefruit IPA Popcorn available!

  • Chairman of the (Charcuterie Board): Chips and guar will have to just cool their heels until that Superbowl Party because charcuterie boards are the rage this holiday season – and probably at least one under your holiday tree. Roland says that charcuterie's “growing popularity and creative optionality make them a fun alternative to traditional appetizers. Instead of offering your guests several starters, opt for a charcuterie board full of a variety of bread, cheeses, condiments, and even tinned fish.” Charcuterie boards are even making their way to the end of meals in the form of dessert charcuterie boards.
  • Veggie Tales: Simple Vegetable Sides: Some food trends can be simple such as scaling back your vegetable sides to dishes that highlight the vegetable. ”Scaled-back vegetable dishes – think roast carrots, sautéed corn, or balsamic Brussels sprouts – don't cost much in terms of time or money, and they can satisfy guests with varying dietary needs,” says The USA Today.
  • Mushroom Time to Sprout: The New York Times named the mushroom as the 2022 ingredient of the year so expect to see a lot of different takes on mushrooms this holiday season. Says Total Food Service, “Mushrooms have long been used in ancient societies for medicinal purposes and today varieties such as lion’s mane, shitake, trumpet, and blue oyster are sought after for their incredible health and healing properties. Mushrooms also have an “umami” flavor that makes them savory while also completing the profile of a number of dishes.”
  • Vegan Dishes Not Just Plates: No longer does the vegan eater have to have a sad little plate of salad as holiday meals are planning menus that feature vegan dishes for the entire family. Says Total Food Service, “Vegan and vegetarian entrees served as the main event rather than an afterthought continues to trend through the fall and winter seasons. Produce of the harvest will make its way into menus and likely show up in the comfort-food-with-a-twist trend.” Expect to see mushrooms, chickpeas, vegan bacon, plant-based chicken, and jackfruit play starring roles in these non-traditional dishes.
  • Spicy or Savory Desserts: You have the entire year to indulge your sweet tooth, but some holiday hosts are offering guests this year spicy or savory dessert options such as Mexican chocolate brownies made with cinnamon and cayenne pepper or tahini-infused cheesecake. Also be on the lookout for spiced cookies with ginger, nutmeg, and cloves all being used.

Lifestyle Food Trends May Be on the Holiday Menu in 2022

The folks at Cozymeal see a trend this holiday season towards what they call “lifestyle foods”. Here is an example of what you might see (and taste!):

  • Urban Farm Produce: Ultra-urban farm produce is a trend in 2022 from community gardens to kitchen crops and home-based hydroponics. Salads, sides, and vegetable-forward dishes will make use of this produce.
  • Sustainable Foods: Consumers care about how the ingredients of their meals are sourced and holiday menus may focus on climate-conscious foods such as organic grains, mushrooms, nuts and seeds, and mushrooms.
  • Island Flavors: It may be cold out in December, but some holiday menus will have some sunshine added with island flavors such as pineapple, passionfruit, coconut curry, and other Caribbean spices.
  • Spicy Bakes: Just warn grandma before she takes a bite … this year’s holiday offerings may have a kick to them. Cakes, cookies, and pies are being spiced up with flavors such as chili raspberry and mango habanero.
  • International BBQ: Don’t tell the native Texans at the holiday table, but BBQ has gone international and holiday meals are featuring Korean and Thai BBQ flavors along with other BBQ recipes from Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Asia, and South America.
  • New Dishes that Use Trending Food Ingredients: Part of the joy of holiday meals is eating dishes you have not experienced before or do not eat the rest of the year. Look for these ingredients to surprise you in different ways this year:

o   Sunflower seeds

o   Hibiscus

o   Peppers

o   Vegan eggs

o   Alternative chocolates

o   Yuzu fruit

o   Moringa

o   Turmeric

o   Plant-based chicken

Finally, what goes around, comes around, so expect some trends to be very traditional such as the return of pasta to many menus as chefs do their own takes on comfort food such as mac-and-cheese!

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